Gymnastics, like many sports, is not well funded. As many of our parents are aware, a lot of effort has to be put into raising extra money to help this club provide the best facilities for its members. It took many years, and a lot of TLC from an army of voluntary helpers, to build the gym we are now in with top quality equipment, but of course it doesn’t stop there. With over 1300 members, the apparatus gets a bit of a beating and needs to be replaced quite frequently. Gymnastics equipment isn’t cheap, and costs many tens of thousands of pounds.

However, we’re very proud of our achievements and truly grateful for all the support we’ve had. The fact that our membership has grown by almost 50% since moving into our new premises shows that it has been money well spent. The more children we can expose to the sport and exercise, the more we feel we’ve achieved something for a small group of the nation’s youngsters.

Grants and donations

Previous grants and donations have been very kindly awarded by the Royal Borough of Kingston, Kingston Sports Council, British Transport Police and Kingston Roundtable. We’ve also received coaching bursaries from an RBK Neighborhood grant and Skills Active. We continue to apply for similar grants every year and look for any bit of outside help we can get.



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Term Dates

Please see below for our current term dates:

Monday 26th February – 16th April

Tuesday 27th February- 17th April

Wednesday 28th FebruaryNovember – 18th April

Thursday 1st March – 19th April

Friday 2nd March – 20th April

Saturday 3rd March -21st April





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