Club Competition Update

April 22nd 2017

All gymnasts should be dropped at the extension doors, handing all of their belongings (including shoes) to parents in a small bag to be placed under your seat. Spectators should then make their way around to the main entrance to gain entry to the gym (bags could also be placed in the main changing rooms at your own risk) . Gymnasts will exit via the main entrance so do not leave any belongings in the extension changing rooms.

Please check the full list on the website to ensure that your child has been grouped into the correct round. Please note that they are grouped according to the year that they were born, NOT their current age.

GS=General Squad who attend 90minute classes (except Thursdays) and are competing on 4 apparatus.

  Year of Birth/Gender

Round 1


8.00 – 10.15am

2007 GS Girls
2005/06 GS Girls
2010/ 11 GS Girls
2009 GS Girls
2008 GS Girls
Starters Girls
Development Girls
2008/09 GS Boys
2010/11 GS Boys
2006/07 GS Boys
2004/05 GS Boys
Kieran’s Boys

Round 2


10.15 – 11.45am

Girls 2005
Girls 2006
Boys 2006/07
Girls 2004/03/02/01/00
GS Girls 2004/03/02/01/00 – Please arrive at 10am

Your competition will start at 10.15 to fit in 4 apparatus


Round 3


11.45 – 1.15pm

Boys & Girls  2012
Boys & Girls  2011 Jan-Jun
Boys & Girls  2011 Jul-Dec
Girls 2008 Jan-May
Girls 2008 Jun-Sept
Girls 2008 Oct-Dec

Round 4


1.15 – 2.45pm

Girls 2009 Jan-Mar
Girls 2009 Apr-Jul
Girls 2009 Aug-Oct
Girls 2009 Nov-Dec
Boys 2008/09

Round 5


2.45 – 4.15pm

Girls 2007 Jan-Jun
Girls 2007 Jul-Dec
Girls 2010 Jan-Apr
Girls 2010 May-Aug
Girls 2010 Sept-Dec
Boys 2010

Spectator Fee’s

Adults £4

Children (over 3) £2

Family (2 adults, 2 children) £10

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Rounds & Numbers

Club Competition Timings

Spectator Entry Fee’s




Next Event


Term Dates

Please see below for our current term dates:

Monday 26th February – 16th April

Tuesday 27th February- 17th April

Wednesday 28th FebruaryNovember – 18th April

Thursday 1st March – 19th April

Friday 2nd March – 20th April

Saturday 3rd March -21st April





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