Recent Trampolining Results

November 1st 2010

Surrey Championships – September:

Under 13 Surrey Team Championships – ( Evie, Jemma, Kenzie & Allie)
Kenzie 2nd place, Allie 3rd Place

Under 15 Surrey Team Championships – (Jess, Demi, Rhian)
Jess 1st Place, Demi 3rd Place.

Over 17’s:
Boys – Anthony 1st Place
Girls – Grace 2nd Place

Grade Competition – County “H” – September:
Naomi Katiyo – 1st place and qualified up to Regional “G”

Grades D – G Competition – October:

Under 15 Girls – Grade “D”:
Rhian 3rd Place, Demi 5th Place & qualified up to National “C”

Over 15 Girls – Grade “D”:
Sophie 4th Place

Under 13 Girls – Grade “F”:
Sian 2nd place & qualified up to Regional “E”

Under 13 Girls – Grade “G”:
Evie scored high enough to leapfrog to Regional “E” , Kirsty and Jemma qualified up to Regional “F”



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